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We’re the children of a digital era. That enables us to work from any place we like. Moreover, we’re most creative when we’re most relaxed. That’s why it’s very likely we’ll discuss your ideas with you over a coffee, beer or brunch.

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Our team

We are a mix of creatives and rationals obsessed with the desire to leave our mark on the world by doing good. In order to cure that obsession, we’ve decided to take action by combining our best skills and widest knowledge.

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Job opening!

We’re always open if you’re open for hard work and making a change, too. Write us about what makes you get up in the morning and how can you help us do world-rearranging campaigns.

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Our projects

Anything that benefits society - we’re into it. From a youth employment campaign in Bangladesh to expanding the number of cyclists in Zagreb, we give voice and ensure sustainable presence to projects that strive to make the world a better place.

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Velibor Panić
Business Developer
Marko Gregović
CEO & Founder
Luka Kerečin
Community manager
Ivan Tranfić
Project Assistant
Kristina Lauš
Project Manager
Yves Taquet
SEO / SMO expert
Tin Bedenko
Julien Duval
Mario Franić
Art Director
Refugee families equipped with baby Carriers
Organizations educated about crowdfunding
Increase of Facebook likes for our client
Countries where we organized campaigns